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Your Calling Or Task

Updated: May 8

There are so many who ask me, " What is my calling?"

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Their is also has the 5 fold ministry and a Pastor needs to tend the flock, not travel the world. Then there are the prophets who simply bring a message to the entire bride-to-be, or a certain group, and even for one person. The Apostles or overseers who build new churches and share a message, the Evangelist who spreads the gospel, and the teacher who explains the word from the Lord.

In this time and age, Abba ( Father) is also calling the Esther's, Deborah's Myriam's, and so on.

And last but for certain not least, those who have a regular job, and share the gospel, sometimes even without words, but through their actions, and the mothers and fathers who raise their children with HIS word, so important.

And spiritual fathers and mothers who are there for those, who are wandering and cannot find REST in Him, open their houses and raise their spiritual children.

People who are called for the prison ministry, and help the convicted, find HIM to see their lives change.

The Lord has a task for you! Just ask Him and He will show you what it is!

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