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Shalom Everyone,

As some of you know, we come together as a congregation ( Jew and Goyim) since 2006 in our house. But Abba impressed us by using a Jewish friend to start an official Synagogue. With one big different, we want to unite with the Christians.

When G-d delivered Israel from the Pharaoh and took them out of Egypt, the foreigners who journeyed with them, needed to be circumcised in order to participate the feasts of G-d.

Synagogue in Israel.

Shemot 12: 43 And Hashem said unto Moshe and Aharon, This is the Chukkat HaPesach: there shall no ben nekhar eat thereof; 44 But every man’s eved that is bought for kesef, when thou hast given him bris milah, then shall he eat thereof. 45 A toshav and a sachir shall not eat thereof. 46 In bais echad shall it be eaten; thou shalt not carry forth any of the basar outside the bais; neither shall ye break a bone thereof [see Yochanan 19:36 OJBC]. ( Exodus 12:43)


Abba is calling me as a Rabba. I thought I would be connected for a while with Deborah Brandt who is an ordained Rabbi so she could ordain me. But the Lord is all of a sudden opening the doors for me in Israel, to connect with a Rabbi in Yerushalayim. I hope to visit him as soon as possible.

Only the G-d of Av'raham Yitzchak and Ya'acov can open a door,

which seems to be impossible, and only He, is capable to give divine connections.

Twice I received a Psalm from the Lord which has to do with Israel. The first time I received it the doors opened all of a sudden, to broadcast out of Israel our radio programs.

And the second time I received the same word, this door opens all of a sudden, to connect again with some of my Jewish Mishpocha in Tziyon, for the purpose of HIS plans.

To read more about the unity between Jew and Goyim please click here

The official start will be in HIS perfect timing. We will keep you updated!

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