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A Room With A View!

Updated: May 8

Good Morning Family! We trimmed the laurel hedge and now have more views. G-d gave me a reflection on this.

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Now the day of new beginnings has arrived, ( Prophetic word aired yesterday

You can find it on the Dezertofloro website) it is time to remove the dust from the past. This morning Abba gave me a word, for those who seem to be buried, under false accusations, rumors, and gossip. But start your day with Him, let Him prune the hedge, so to speak, and suddenly you see hope again and you experience that His light shines over you! Suddenly there is a window with a view again! Just trust Him! He is our defender! Forgive and let go! This is all about HIM and HIS plan!

Have a wonderful day! D'Vorah and Yochanan. Machanayim Family House!

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