Divrey Hayamim Alef 29:9 OJB
Then the people rejoiced, for theirs were freewill offerings, because with lev shalem they offered willingly to Hashem;
and Dovid HaMelech also rejoiced with simchah gedolah.


I Am Hashem Elohei Avoteichem, Elohei Avra'ham, Yitzchak, and Ya'akov. 
There is no other Elohim besides Me: El Tzaddik and Moshi’a; there is none besides Me. 

Turn unto Me, and be ye saved, kol afsei Eretz (all the ends of the Earth); I am El (G-d), and there is no other [G-d]. And I will bring you in unto HaAretz, concerning the which I did lift up My hand to swear to give it to Avraham, to Yitzchak, and to Ya’akov; and I will give it to you for a morashah (heritage);
I am Hashem. 

Beit-Zata Messianic Synagogue Church. 1 G-d 1 Word 1 Shepherd 1 Flock
Being a Synagogue and a Church. Allowing G-d to make us ONE flock! Please, click
HERE  to read more about the ONE flock. Natural Branch Jews Gentiles Grafted In and both supported by: 



The community is inspired through the book of Acts out of the B'rit Chadashah.
The community wants to meet each other as G-d intended and that is to come together, to study the entire Word
Torah and Brit Chadassah and take care of each other as Torah taught us.
The motto is that no one has a lack of anything because they share their possessions. Out of the book of Acts 4 verse 32:
The group of people who had accepted the faith lived together in unison. None of them considered his belongings to be his personal property, because they had everything in common.
The community believes in celebrating the Sabbath and G-d's feasts and meet each other on Saturday.

Furthermore, the community wants to make a positive contribution to society by helping where there is an emergency and also provide our expertise.

We are an international congregation. We will share our services using audio and video. 



Personal data, such as  (email) addresses and other information, are never shared.

We handle your email address with care and will not use it for any purpose other than to send you messages from the list to which you have subscribed. We never ask for money, we only use this website with our booking page!
So when you receive an email or see "us" asking for money on the Internet, you know this is impossible.

We are on the Internet as the Dezerofloro Foundation
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You may print and share content as long as you agree to these terms:

Words and Articles:
You can share it and or print it.
You may not make a profit or take commercial advantage of the material.
When sharing you need to mention our website so that people who have any questions, can contact us.
Thank you in advance and God bless you!
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