A Bit Of Background

Cathy Meijer Hebrew Name D’Vorah Bat Ya'acov is the founder of the Dezerto Floro Foundation
Desert Flower —  

blossoming despite hardship


In 1994 God called her and set her apart in the apostolic and prophetic calling,
for the work to which He has called her. 

In 2006 Rev. Hendrik- Jan Van Mourik - Restoration Church - send her out as an Apostle Prophetess. 
Rev. Jacoba van Mourik blessed her with the Women Branch NiedGalah.
    The Daughters Of His Countenance. (WOP) Women Of Power In His Strength.

 In 2011 Rev. Paul van Beek of God’s Outreach Ministry Int. sent her into the D’Vorah call:
The Lord gave her the mandate to train and equip others ( male and female) to step into their call.
Prophecy, Advice, Coaching, Lectures, Contributing Author, Broadcasting. 

Training & Equipping (Church) Leadership — Leadership development.

 Her Ministry mandate: Isaiah 45 Rebuilding, Restoration, Reconciliation.

Jew and Goyim or Gentile Believers.

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